Scout target players in the UK and Europe

If you have a requirement to have players scouted, either in the UK or in Europe, simply let me know. I have scouted and watched games at all levels, from World Cup, UEFA Champions League, PL and all levels of the Championship. I have an updated and extensive data base of players.

Ahmed Hegazi is an example. I watched him in the Africans Nations Cup on Wyscout, liked him and then  went to Egypt to watch him twice. As a result I recommended WBA sign him, which they did. He has been a real success.

Example of a written report – Ahmed Hegazi

Example of a video report – Ahmed Hegazi

Scouting Loan Players

Clubs spend fortunes on developing young players via their academies. Many are then sent out on loan to gain experience and hopefully develop and improve. But, for many reasons, clubs don’t always fully and comprehensively scout their own young  players who are out on loan to track their progression and development.

I can help by scouting and providing an impartial, accurate, development scouting report, which would include a video report.

An example of this service is Enes Mahmutovic who is on loan from Middlebrough to Division 2 Yeovil.

Read – Middlesbrough Enes Mahmutovic Report

Enes Mahmutovic Video Report

Scouting U18 – U23 players

I have watched and scouted hundreds of  U18 and U23 games. A few years ago I watched Chelsea U23  V Leicester U23 and a young lad called Harvey Barnes was playing for Leicester. He impressed and I added a favourable report to my data base. A year later he went on loan to Barnsley and I watched him again a couple of times. He had grown, developed and improved. In the summer of 2018, Darren Moore, the WBA Head Coach asked me to recommend a potential loan signing for a wide role. Harvey was high up my list and one of two I recommended. So far, he has done exceptionally well.

Read – Harvey Barnes Report

Harvey Barnes Video Report

Video Scouting

As a first step in the recruitment process, online video based platforms like Wyscout can be really useful. Clubs are constantly  having players recommended, particularly foreign players and the recruitment department might not always have a great deal of information on those players. This is where video scouting can prove very useful.

For example a striker called Florin Andone at Deportivo La Coruña was put to WBA. I was asked to do an initial Wyscout analysis and report. This I did, liked him a lot and recommended we watched him in a live match. Unfortunately, Brighton reacted quicker and signed him in July 2018.

Read – Florin Andone Wyscout Report

Florin Andone Video Report

Young Players in Niche Markets

Unearthing a young player, who is talented, has potential and costs relatively little, is in many ways, the ultimate recruitment holy grail. The difficulty is that there are lots of niche markets and lots of young players and clubs aren’t always going to know every player and every niche market.

Using a combination of statistics, resources and reports I can focus in on and  target young players in these niche markets. This is then followed up with Wyscout reports, both written and video on who I think are the best young players in these niche markets.

For example, I did a project though March and April 2018 on mainly young offensive players  in French Division 2, which I then collated into a searchable, data base that linked into written and video reports.

Example of the reports of one of the young players from the project.

Read – Yoane Wissa Report

Yoane Wissa Video Report

As you can see, from the graphic of the spreadsheet below, it makes interesting reading and there are lots of good young players, in a  host of niche markets, such as Croatia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, French Div 2 etc, that need further exploring!

Click on the graphic to make bigger



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